Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make Exercise Fun

Who says exercise has to be boring and painful? Just look at kids -- they run around chasing each other, climbing on things, spinning and dancing, and riding their bikes. They don't know that all those activities are considered exercise by adults.

As adults we just need to find an activity we enjoy and then do it. Don't think about all the requirements doctors say we should do, like 30 minutes 5 times a week. Just think of it as "scheduled playtime" or recess. Besides it's a wonderful stress reliever and who couldn't use that nowadays!

One of the easiest activities to do is walking. It doesn't require any exercise equipment and can be done almost anywhere. If you're neighborhood isn't very safe - go to a mall, a nice community or get a walking buddy. One thing that gets me moving is music, so I break out my mp3 player and start walking. The time really does fly by when you're listening to music you enjoy.

If walking is not your thing, do something you enjoy that gets you moving. Whether it be dancing, soccer, running, jogging, swimming, basketball or golf.

Break out your inner child and have fun. Exercise can be enjoyable - just give it a try!

* Note always check with your physician before you start any exercise program.

Friday, September 05, 2008

New School Year = A Fresh Start for At Home Moms

September signals back to school for most of the children in the U.S.A. What will us moms do with all our free time? LOL

Whether your kids are in preschool a couple times a week, 1/2 day kindergarten, or are full-time in grades 1-12, you now have some time to yourself without children or at least less children. Use that time wisely because a new school year can mean a new start for moms also.

Make a List
Start by writing a list of everything you want to accomplish during your lifetime. Do you dream of going back to school for a degree, start your own business, or simply work on craft projects you've been putting off. Maybe your goal is to finish reading a book or perhaps write one of your own. Do you want to learn a new skill like photography, computer programming, knitting, gardening, or scrapbooking? It's completely up to you!

Break out your calendar
Set aside time each week to work toward your goal, just like you would for a doctor's appointment or meeting with your child's principal. By taking small consistent steps toward your goals you will build momentum and ultimately reach your goal quicker than you thought possible. Consistency is key!

Don't Make Excuses
If you dream is to take courses toward your degree consider distance learning through online courses. These allow you to do the coursework when it's convenient for you (during naps, bedtime, etc.)

If you want to learn a new skill check out some books from your local library or try a correspondence course. Many offer affordable monthly payment plans and it doesn't matter where you live.

If you plan to return to the workforce once your kids are in school full-time; practice your skills and keep up on the trends in your chosen field. Perhaps you want to train for a new career. There are other options to taking college courses. Try reading and learning the skills from books, videos, online, etc.

With your little ones in school now is your chance. Schedule some time, even if it's only 10 minutes, to work toward the life of your dreams. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" -- Tao Te Ching