Monday, March 31, 2008

Tips of the Week #4

Tip #10 - Never Lose a Message Again
Keep a spiral notebook near the phone. Record all phone messages that can easily be deleted from answering machines or go unchecked by family members. Also, use it to write notes while talking with people or making appointments. Since it's all in the notebook and it's all in one place; it's less likely to get lost.

Tip #11 - Bathroom Reading Material
Scan your mail quickly and toss the junk immediately. Anything you need read more thoroughly, put in a folder and set aside. When your waiting in the doctor's office, waiting for one of your kids, or waiting on the phone for someone -- break out the folder.

Tip #12 - Group Doctor's Appointments
Group all your kids appointments on the same day. Ex. doctor's checkups, dentist appointments, etc. This way you and your kids only miss one day of work. * Make sure you leave enough room between appointments in case the doctor is running late.