Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tips of the Week #2

Here are some more great tips I've learned from family, friends, books, etc.

Tip #4 - Why pay for something - when you can get it for free.
My favorite site is This site is only for people giving away their unwanted stuff. (No selling, re-selling of stuff received ie. ebay, or trading allowed). Have you always wanted a treadmill, the latest book, a file cabinet, a dresser for your bedroom??? Log on and sooner or later someone will have one they want to get rid of.

Tip #5 - Try it before you buy it!
Before you go and spend $100 or more on something you've never used - give it a test drive. Whether you're considering a new car, a computer, mp3 player, little black dress or something like web hosting. Try it on, ask around, do research, go for a test drive. Get feedback. Don't get commited to something before you know if you even like it. Just look at the latest mobile phone ads - letting you try their service for 30 days to see if you like them before you sign a monthly contract with them.

Tip #6 - Out with the Old!
Before you consider getting something new consider where you will put it. Do you have space for it? Periodically go through your stuff and get rid of everything you no longer want, need or care for. If it's broke, worn or just never used - get rid of it. Donate any useful unwanted items to a local charity. Many will even pick up items to save you time. You'll feel so much better when some of the clutter is gone.

More to come soon :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tips of the Week

These are some of my favorite tips I've learned from my mom, mother-in-law and friends. I thought I'd share them with you.

Tip #1
Rubbing alcohol makes a really great window cleaner. It also works well on mirrors and chrome. It is really cheap ($.89 a bottle) and doesn't leave streaks.

Tip #2
If you have more than one kid you probably have heard "It's My Turn!" screamed almost daily. Well we printed out a blank monthly calendar and listed each person's name on a day. Ex. Becky on the 1st, Drew on the 2nd, Jenny on the 3rd, Becky on the 4th, etc., etc. That person get's to be the first in line, gets the special seat in the car, gets to watch their favorite tv show. You get the idea. It has cut down on the fights in our house considerably.

Tip #3
Give each person a basket or bag for their stuff. Whenever my kids want to bring their toys into the living room, they know they will have to put them away. I gave each kid a bag with their name on it and every so often during the day they have to collect their toys in the bag and take it back into their rooms. This works really well with small hands who can't carry much.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. I'll post more next time. Have a great day :) !

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Articles Needed for HelpingMomsAtHome

I'm looking for articles for my site I hope to add lots of articles, resources, tips, etc. to help moms in all the areas of their lives.

Article topics considered include:
* time managment,
* organization,
* homemaking,
* housekeeping,
* cooking,
* cleaning,
* parenting,
* saving money,
* working from home (no biz opps, please), etc.

You get the idea. Just visit my site and see if it would fit into one of my categories. This is a family-friendly site so nothing with adult content.

Please feel free to add a comment with the link to your article or email me the article at Please no adverts.